Toto Chiavetta, by many defined as a forward thinking producer and innovator, is one of the most acclaimed DJ and producer whose music stands out for a distinctive and peculiar sound.

He was born in Catania in a family where music surely was not at its centre. Neverthless he started collecting music at a young age, djing a few years later and finally began the journey into music production with very basic rudimentary equipment at the age of fourteen. Wanting to broaden his experiences, he cultivated his passion for music production and djing, collecting vinyl upon vinyls.

During the recent years, his longstanding relationship with music, guided by intuition and inspired by artistic freedom, culminated in releasing several EPs and an album on labels such as Diynamic, Innervisions, Yoruba, Defected and his own record label Borders Of Light.

Now, his deep, organic, and techno influenced sound is in high demand the world over.